i feel better when i’m recording

Documenting my life has always been important to me. This blog is a part of that but I have been less than active over the years. At certain junctures I’ve thought, “Oh let me capitalize on the energy of [finishing an important application] [graduating] [starting my new job] [feeling settled into my new job] [insert other life event here] to finally post more.” But it doesn’t happen, not really. It’s nice to have a space for occasional musings and that’s worked so far. But lately I’ve done some soul searching cheesy as it sounds and I KNOW I AM HAPPIER WHEN I WRITE. About my job, in particular, and this crazy (awesome) profession. Writing is just hard. I would come home from work and think, “Maybe I should write something,” but of course I’m sapped of the ability to create anything useful by that point.

In the past I’ve felt like a real weirdo whenever I’ve posted. Just vulnerable I guess, odd for sharing any thoughts. But then I read this. Plus recently I went back through my archives and caught this fascinating glimpse of what I was working on and thinking about at different points. It was so interesting to me and I wished I could read more to get a more expansive glimpse at my old self. I mean, sometimes I hardly even remember grad school anymore. I had this moment of realization that this part of my life is fleeting enough too – and wouldn’t I want more of a record?

So I came up with a new methodology for myself. I frontloaded a month’s worth of content; it’s all scheduled and ready to go. It feels good and also insanely obvious in retrospect is that all I need is a list, prep time, organization. This is how I’ve always worked, so why would this space be any different? It’s kind of like making social plans after work – doesn’t come easily to me (introvert alert) but I always feel better afterward. Ditto running. And I’m feeling more positive than ever that this blog falls into the same category.

As of right now, posts will go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays; both library and Project Life stuff. Hooray!

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