2014 already?

Like many people out there I can’t quite believe it’s 2014. I’m still typing (then quickly deleting) 2013 almost every day when adding the date to anything. But somehow we’ve crossed the threshold and it’s here: the year I graduate from my LIS program and get a job.

Last week was the first week of classes. This semester I’m taking Human-Computer Interaction, Database Design, and Directed Readings focused on data curation/scholarly communication.

Beyond school, other things have been happening, of course.

  • I published my first real article in December: “Organizing, Contextualizing, and Storing Legacy Research Data: A Case Study of Data Management for Librarians” in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. This article was a byproduct of a class I took this past summer; my classmates and I collaborated to write the article and I’m very happy with it. I adore reading case studies when I’m trying to solve a problem so I can only hope we’ve added something of value to others.
  • Here’s a cheery blog post about me on the Avalon Media System blog.
  • This week is DH week at Hack Library School. DH week is the brainchild of Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet, Courtney Baron, and myself. Check it out!
  • Last summer I co-wrote a survey with Emily Weak of Hiring Librarians. This week’s survey response caused a veritable uproar in the LIS community when the respondent claimed that librarianship is a dying profession.
  • I’m co-teaching a workshop this spring called, “An Introduction to Social Science Data Visualization Using Gephi.” I’m still pretty new to Gephi so the next few weeks will consist of me scrambling to develop some convincing Gephi skills.
  • Something that’s not happening is that I have no conferences on the docket. I invested a lot of time and money in attending and presenting at conferences in 2013. As a result, I’m depleted financially, and to a lesser extent, emotionally. Money is the biggest factor, though. I don’t have any more of it, so no more conferences until I get a job. Speaking of…
  • I’ve been applying and interviewing for jobs! I’m not a prolific writer on this blog by any means but more so than ever I have kept quiet because I’m on the job hunt. Saying nothing seems safer than saying something – which is actually quite counterintuitive, I know. So this is me coming back out from hiding to say hello.

Let me leave you with this photo of Francine, because, well, she’s the best.


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