DIL Symposium / Data Visualization & Management Workshop

On September 23-25 I attended the Data Information Literacy Symposium at Purdue University with the IU Science Data Management Librarian (and my boss!), Stacy Konkiel. Not only was it nice to see Purdue University for the first time and visit my friend Ilana, the symposium was absolutely fantastic. I’m quite indebted to Stacy for forwarding me the email about the DIL Symposium as soon as she got it, which allowed me to register as well. I know there was a sizable waiting list–I believe the number of attendees was capped at 100. It was great to meet so many people who are also interested in developing more effective ways to teach data management skills.

The symposium was facilitated by the original DIL project team, consisting of Purdue University, the University of Oregon, University of Minnesota, and Cornell University. The majority of the symposium content was structured around their research findings and case studies.

Stacy and I shared a poster  focusing on an upcoming data visualization and management workshop we will be leading along with David Polley at the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center (aka Ted – my co-conspirator for ACRL and LOEX in the spring).

Our idea behind the workshop is to lure in attendees with promises of pretty visualizations while incorporating vital data management skills into the mix. We’re hoping that going through a workflow that accounts for management and visualization of data will cement in attendees’ mind the relationship between the two… namely that if you don’t manage your data well, you might not be able to create a visualization at all, much less a good one that will augment your scholarship!

We will be going through four mini workflows that will result in topical, temporal, spatial, and network analyses. We wanted to use only open data sources so that attendees (or other institutions) could replicate the workshop workflows; we selected ISI/Web of Knowledge, Open Congress, ICPSR, and a corpus of TEI-encoded texts from the humanities.

Now that the DIL Symposium is over, we’ve made our poster, workshop outline, map of DIL competencies to learning outcomes, and visualization rubric available for download on IUScholarWorks.

Our workshop is quickly approaching: October 25 at 9am! I stopped teaching information literacy workshops this spring so I’m eager to get back into the classroom.


Here’s the abstract and way to sign up, if you’re interested!

Data Visualization and Management: The Basics

Oct 25, 2013 – 9:00am to 12:00pm in Wells Library Information Commons Instruction Cluster 1

Interested in using data visualization to enhance your research but don’t know where to begin? Learn how to use basic data visualization techniques and tools including Voyant, OpenRefine, Gephi, and Sci2 at our workshop, where we’ll give users the chance to test their skills using data from a variety of open data sources. Experts will also cover the best ways to manage your data throughout its lifecycle. No data visualization experience needed, but attendees should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Register here: http://libprod.lib.indiana.edu/tools/workshops/workshop-listings/series-view/182/series

This workshop is part of Open Access Week 2013.



  1. Dear Brianna,
    It was a wonderful surprise to find your paper on Feminism on the UW-LaCrosse campus synthesized from your reading of and the reporting/opinions espoused in The Racquet 1970-75.
    I found your work while researching LaCrosse for a book I’ve been working on for several years during my retirement from the practice of Law in San Francisco.
    If you are ever in the Bay Area (I live in the Castro, ie. ground zero of the LGBT community), I would love to have coffee with you and update you on the lives of those of us who went on to have our lives in this wild and crazy world. You can reach me at DonnaD333@comcast.net.
    I wish you the best in the unfolding of your brilliant life…cheers, Donna DeMatteo

    1. Hi Donna!

      How nice to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out! If I’m ever in the area I will be sure to let you know :)


  2. It was a great suprize to discover your paper on Feminism on the UW-LaCrosse grounds combined from your perusing of and the reporting/assessments upheld in The Racquet 1970-75.

    I discovered your work while looking into LaCrosse for a book I’ve been chipping away at for quite a while amid my retirement from the act of Law in San Francisco.

    On the off chance that you are ever in the Bay Area (I live in the Castro, ie. ground zero of the LGBT people group), I would love to have espresso with you and redesign you on the lives of those of us who went ahead to have our lives in this wild and insane world.

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