Despite the best of intentions, I kind of failed at #HLSDITL last week by posting one single post–on Monday. Now I can’t remember what happened last week (or the week before, or the week before).

But I do know what’s happening this week! It’s spring break. I’m working 30ish hours at Wells Library over the span of the week. The library closes at 5pm to my horror, since trying to be productive in my apartment is often pointless. It feels a bit like a tomb in Wells: totally somber, deserted, lifeless. The skies have been gray too. Happy spring break indeed!

On Saturday I’m flying to North Carolina. I keep forgetting about it, so maybe writing about it will help me remember. I’m headed to UNC-Chapel Hill for the Digital Curation Symposium. Technically, the symposium is supposed to be for PhD students doing digital curation research… but I emailed and asked if Master’s students interested in digital curation would be considered for the $800 stipend to attend, and what do you know? I was accepted, stipend and all. Needless to say I’m quite excited to go on my very first free trip. It’s a pseudo-vacation–not totally taxing since I’m not presenting, but not exactly relaxing since I still need to be intellectually engaged with all the people who are way more knowledgeable about digital curation. I already know my brain will hurt by the end.

I think attending will give me a better grasp on whether or not I am interested in a PhD program, which is something I never really considered until recently. I always thought of myself as a practitioner, not a theory person… but maybe I’ve miscategorized doctoral programs. I’m willing to give it a fair try.

I’ll be gone in NC from the 16th-19th. And the 19th is so close to April. And April is the MONTH OF CONFERENCES, aka the conglomerate of acronyms: ACRL-MAC-HASTAC-LOEX.

Yes, for a month straight I will have conferences (plus the LSB’s graduate recital–which is effectively his graduation since he’s not walking). I’ve adjusted my work schedule accordingly. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t need to miss class. While the lovely, saving thought I always have when I apply for said conferences is that I have plenty of time to prepare for them well ahead of time… let’s get real. When does that happen? Things are moving along and my 2 panel presentations, 2 posters, and 1 interactive workshop will all be fine. They’ll get done, but they’re not done yet.

I know looking ahead to the conferences that energy management will be my main concern. For as many enjoyable things there are about conferences–new faces! food! knowledge transfer!–I am always flattened with exhaustion at even one conference. I’m an introvert. After every single presentation I’ve ever given I get a headache and the instantaneous urge to fall asleep. I need time to recharge, and I know I won’t always get that due to the nature of conferences. The point is to get to know people, learn new things, and see new sights. I will need to be a superhero this April. It’s worth it, though.

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