Library (Student) Day in the Life: Friday

7:10am – Wake up. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly feel refreshed and ready to face the day. I’m tired.

7:39am – Catch the bus. I had tried to find my parka in my apartment before realizing, oh yeah–I left in in my car. Brilliant move, but it goes to show how unseriously I take Indiana winters.

8am – Work. Fridays are always quiet in the Digital Library Program. I like it; I get more done. Today’s work includes learning about Google Analytics for our new website (the documentation is extensive–I had no idea how much there was to know), communicating with individuals whom I’m working with on Avalon blog posts, and getting used to using HootSuite. Beyond the above tasks and the necessary housekeeping, I compile lists of relevant audio/video/film/media preservation organizations with an online presence. I also do a fair amount of planning for the late February Release 1 of Avalon, figuring out who we’ll need to contact, what sort of documentation to provide, whether the website will need any new elements added to it. It’s a lot of organization and project management today, all day.

I decide not to go to the afternoon CATAPULT text analysis tools meeting. It was a tough choice… but I needed to work. I was getting things done and didn’t want to give up the money. I have so many expenses for my spring conferences: MAC, ACRL, LOEX, HASTAC. I’m presenting at all of them. Luckily student registration is usually cheap, but transportation and other expenses add up. I am trying to pocket every penny in anticipation of the money pit that will be my April.

5pm – Done! I head to the information commons to deal with a few project followups–more Hack Library School and SAA-SC things mostly.

7pm – Leave the library and walk to Mother Bear’s, Bloomington pizza place famous for its delicious offerings and its mascot of a bear with cleavage. I’m ravenous and meeting my two dear friends.

8:30pm – I head home. I am so elated that I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow. I have a neat and tidy to-do list prepared so hopefully I can knock out the tasks productively and quickly–I want to go thrifting! You see, I have a whole collection of crewelwork that I want to find cheap frames for and arrange in a sort of floral granny homage on my living room wall. The LSB will tease me about it endlessly, which is fine–he knew exactly what he was in for when he opted to move in with me.

I do miss the days of thrifting, quilting, making stuff. I get the feeling that I’ll probably always be an achievement junkie, taking on a lot, but this semester (by design) is a little much. I just want to be compensated well and to end each day at the very latest at 6:30 and to keep most work (barring special projects) from my sacred weekends. None of that is true now, but it’s the driving force behind everything I do: buckling down now for freedom, flexibility, and options later.

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