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First of all, I’m making some changes with the look of Not So Stern Librarian. Don’t be surprised to see it changing over the next few weeks. I’m tweaking the CSS in my spare time; sorry if it’s annoying!

Some random, library-related tidbits that have been on my mind:

  • I registered for my spring 2012 classes: Electronic Resource Management, Collection Development, and Digital Humanities. 
  • I was awarded a Digital Humanities Summer Institute tuition scholarship a few weeks ago, which means I will be applying for a passport: it is taking place at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, next June! My tuition scholarship will allow me to take a week-long class on Geographic Information Systems in the Digital Humanities. My friend Courtney (you know her from the Tibetan Mongolian Cultural Center project) is going too, so it will be an adventure.
  • This Friday I will be heading to Indianapolis for Indiana’s biannual government documents conference. I was awarded the Judie Violette INDIGO participation grant yesterday, a little last minute but nothing I can’t handle! It will be my very first time in Indy–when we came to Bloomington in August, we surpassed Indianapolis, even though it’s just an hour’s drive to the north.
  • I created a Twitter account a few weeks ago… and then promptly forgot about it. I don’t exactly feel comfortable tweeting, but I’m hoping to start trying. It’s pretty low-priority for me right now. I’ve heard of people finding out about scholarships and other opportunities via Twitter, and I’ve also heard it’s fun to use at conferences… so I’m planning ahead by creating one now! My handle is: @notsosternlib. I would love to find other library students/librarians who are able to convince me to actually use it!
  • The Men of the Stacks Calendar is by far my favorite eye candy of late. Neil is well aware that it’s sitting high on my Christmas wish list, so if it doesn’t end up in my stocking I’m not sure what I’ll do! Pictures of geeky-cute librarians? Calendar profits going toward the It Gets Better Project? Tell me, what’s not to love?!

     I think that’s it for now.

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