Library Books about Library Stuff

This was originally intended only to be a picture of the books I’ve recently checked out about librarianship, but it seems Francine here couldn’t resist the opportunity to jump on in and see what was taking up room on her favorite chair. (Librarian stereotype confession: while I try not to be stern, I may indeed someday turn into a cat lady.)

I’ve accumulated these library books over the course of my time here at IU. I know it looks totally obsessive, but I’m just so darn interested in lots of library things and frankly my classes aren’t fulfilling or inspiring me all the time–this semester requires pretty minimal classwork. I like to have reading material for my shifts at the Lilly and time spent on the bus so I switch off between library-related books and fiction. They say variety is the spice of life, and I know for a fact that if I was trying to read only books about library instruction or only books about digital libraries I would probably want to run far, far, far away from library school… so I keep my appetite whetted for more by diversifying my reading pool.

Some books I adore while others send me straight back into the welcoming arms of fiction. Most of the books are compilations of related essays, so those are always a mixed bag. I’m inclined to skip the dull ones as soon as I determine that my mind is wandering, otherwise it’ll poison the whole book for me. SPEC kits, which I have waxed poetic about since I first read one last year, are especially easy to read. It’s like reading a magazine! I feel that SPEC kits are extra-valuable to me as a future professional because they show the actual language that libraries are using to describe protocol, as well as bite-size versions of librarians’ varying opinions on issues. And lets face it, we all get tired of reading essays. The SPEC kit format, with its abundance of screenshots, is a joy to behold.


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