I graduated from UW-L last weekend (!) and my reasonably relaxed summer has commenced. I will be spending most of my time on campus over the next few months, working in the Office of Continuing Education for most of the day and in the Writing Center in the afternoon. I’m also trying to squeeze in library projects, as well, which is a bit of a challenge given that I’m working 42 hours a week! Luckily Rachel is bringing me on board to make some tutorials this summer, an exciting prospect. It’s something I can do on my own at night or over weekends.

Yesterday I started a short little project with Bill, who is the head of Catologing and Technical Services. Murphy Library is in the process of finishing up the digitization of our collection of steamboat images, and he assigned me the task of browsing through the search terms to correct obvious typos, misspelled cities, and to make sure terms were used consistently. For instance, the digitization team opted that ‘boatyards’ (1 word, plural) would be the search term over ‘boat yard.’ It turns out that once you know this information, it cannot be unseen. Going through the records, I kept seeing two-word versions of shipyard and boatyard. I spent half my time yesterday changing the records on those.

Among other small fixes, I corrected the spelling of Juneau, AK, and did some mildly in-depth research about the spelling of Pitsburg, OH, which appeared as both Pittsburgh and Pittsburg (though not the correct spelling) in the record. The other portion of this project involves going to Special Collections to eye up the names on the actual photograph when multiple similar-looking names appear on the record. For instance, this afternoon I will be scrutinizing the signature of a certain David


One spelling will ultimately prevail. I’m excited to get back to SC and do a little detective work. I really enjoy this project; it suits my detail-oriented nature. Plus I’m giddy to be brought back to my copyediting roots. Murphy’s list of chosen terms is basically just a style sheet, a blissfully familiar concept. I love editorial work!

Next up on my reading list is Digitization in the Real World, edited by Kwong Bor Ng and Jason Kucsma. I found it sitting on the new books shelf at the La Crosse Public Library–near the spirituality and philosophy section, oddly. I plan to take advantage of this summer to continue to educate myself about the library world. I am paying so much for library school that to go off to IU without preparing as much as I can is unthinkable!

Digitization in the Real World

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