There is so much excitement in the air now that warmer weather has finally reached Wisconsin!

It’s the tail end of my spring break right now, and although I have plenty of work coming up next week, it is getting harder to complain about anything with the sun shining outside. Plus I have been getting fantastic news lately. I found out earlier this week that I have been selected as a scholarship recipient for this year’s Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians conference in April, which is thrilling. Sometimes it feels like the space between me and “real” librarians looms large, so to think that I will be able to spend time with so many librarians from all over the state makes me feel really included in the community that I hope to someday be a legitimate member of. I cannot wait!!

This upcoming weekend I will be in Ann Arbor for the University of Michigan Master of Information program’s Visiting Days. I’m a little nervous – I want to impress people and make connections, but I’m still figuring out what I want to do within academic librarianship. I’m trying to find my place. I am also slightly concerned about appearing very young compared to other prospective MSI students. ¬†Overall, though, I am just excited. Everyone has been telling me how beautiful Ann Arbor is, so I am fully expecting to fall in love.

I heard back from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign’s GSLIS program a few days ago – I’ve been accepted!¬†I will be hearing back from UW-Madison’s SLIS program this upcoming Monday, and after that, I will have heard back from all of the schools I applied to. The pace is picking up quite rapidly. Next up will be funding decisions, and then the final decision of where I will attend graduate school…

One last piece of excitement from my spring break: My boyfriend Neil, a guitarist who has applied to several jazz studies programs, found out yesterday that he has been accepted to Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. I could not be prouder or more impressed.

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