Murphy Library Book Sale

One of my favorite Murphy events each semester is surely the book sale – for two days only, a whole room in Murphy is filled with miscellaneous textbooks, novels, magazines, and children’s books, all for sale. I went this past Thursday and of course came away with a whole paper bag filled to the brim with books for only $4. I am always on the lookout for vintage craft books, children’s books, French or Russian texts, and any outdated tomes alluding to sexism that I can get my little feminist hands on. I’ve gotten some gems in the past (last semester I found a book called “How to Have Model Charm and Poise” or something like that…written by a man in the fifties – classic) and this semester was no exception.

In addition to having an insatiable appetite for books for reading purposes, I also scrapbook and create altered books. I have always found myself extremely inspired by vintage text, photos, illustrations, fonts, sheet music… so to say that I love the Murphy Library book sale would be a huge understatement! I have a special fondness for scratched up, sometimes tattered, but we’ll just say well-loved books that have been orphaned.

Here’s to hoping I won’t someday become a hoarder.

But in all honesty, I have always had an appreciation for books not only for their intellectual purposes, but as a physical object. Hearing the spine crack ever so slightly, feeling the smoothness of the pages with the pads of your fingertips, smelling the glue that holds the book together: the importance of the senses should not be forgotten when we pick up a book. I suppose this is one of the many reasons I am interested in working with rare books, many of which I tend to find aesthetically lovely and structurally fascinating.

See how I can just go on and on? Somehow, I’m pretty sure I’m going into the right profession :) 

As part of my new official status as a blogger for Murphy Library, I’ve decided to first tackle a series of posts that explore different sections of the library, starting of course with my beloved Special Collections. I want to provide lots of pictures and include information that the average student wouldn’t know about Murphy. Overall, I want it to be FUN. People never think of libraries as fun and I am ready to show a lighter, less serious side that the people getting paid aren’t quite allowed to show or maybe just don’t think to.

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  1. This is my girlfriend, gentlemen!! Hands off- she is my book loving floral printed librarian-to-be. Mine :)

    <3 CLMN

    ps. you totally have a book fetish.

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