WAAL Conference

Last week from the 27th through the 29th of April I attended the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians conference in Stevens Point. My first professional conference!! It was a momentous occasion. I really wasn’t sure of what to expect. I arrived in Stevens Point at about 9:30 PM on Tuesday the 26th. My scholarship covered… Continue reading WAAL Conference

Quick Update

I received a scholarship offer from UW-Madison. I received a scholarship offer from Indiana University.   Decisions, decisions…


There is so much excitement in the air now that warmer weather has finally reached Wisconsin! It’s the tail end of my spring break right now, and although I have plenty of work coming up next week, it is getting harder to complain about anything with the sun shining outside. Plus I have been getting… Continue reading Excitement

Racquet Research

I’ve been spending much of my time in special collections lately, burying myself in the large bound editions of old issues of The Racquet. I’ve changed my research focus, which was originally a general history of The Racquet, to women’s changing roles and realities as portrayed by The Racquet. I’ve been researching the early 1970s this… Continue reading Racquet Research

Back From a Long Hiatus

It feels really, really good to start this blog post in the new year by saying that I am finally done applying to graduate school. My UW-Madison, IU-Bloomington, UM-Ann Arbor, and UI-Urbana Champaign applications are all officially turned in and out of my hands forever. There aren’t any transcript or letter of recommendation stragglers that… Continue reading Back From a Long Hiatus

Cheese in Murphy Library?

On Wednesday, November 17, Murphy Library sponsored a day filled with cheese to celebrate both student-funded library resources and “Wisconsin Libraries Say Cheese: A Day in Pictures.” Cheese was given out in Murphy at both 3:30 and 11:30 PM. It could very well be that the students who enjoyed said cheese weren’t exactly sure why… Continue reading Cheese in Murphy Library?

Murphy Library Book Sale

One of my favorite Murphy events each semester is surely the book sale – for two days only, a whole room in Murphy is filled with miscellaneous textbooks, novels, magazines, and children’s books, all for sale. I went this past Thursday and of course came away with a whole paper bag filled to the brim… Continue reading Murphy Library Book Sale