UW digital humanities + art symposium 2015

DH+A! Another great event I was lucky enough to participate in this past spring. The Digital Humanities Research Network was a breath of fresh air for me in my first year at UW as I struggled to connect and find community. I’m excited to be a coordinator for the 2015-2016 academic year, which will allow… Continue reading UW digital humanities + art symposium 2015

practical ideas for developing meaningful online engagement

In my quest to finally post and annotate my slate of spring slide decks prior to the fall onslaught, I don’t want to leave out my LYRASIS eGathering talk. It is very near and dear to me as my first invited paid presentation – and my first webinar. Looking back, I am so appreciative to… Continue reading practical ideas for developing meaningful online engagement

RDAP 2015

This year (several months ago, ahem) I presented at the Research Data Access & Preservation Summit, held in nearby Minneapolis. I led a panel focused on different RDM collaboration and service models at institutions. I was joined by Cynthia Hudson-Vitale from Washington University in St. Louis and Amy Nurnberger from Columbia University. Our abstract: Research… Continue reading RDAP 2015

LIS Education Symposium [pt. 1]

This is part one, where I share general thoughts on #LISed15. Check out part two to read through an annotated version of my presentation. I found out about the LIS Ed Symposium in February, when I was contacted by HLS writer Nicole about participating in a keynote talk aimed at bringing together a handful of… Continue reading LIS Education Symposium [pt. 1]

ACRL 2015

I loved ACRL 2013 in Indianapolis and it seems a little crazy that ACRL 2015 in Portland, Oregon, has already come and gone! Let me ramble through my conference experience, per usual. On Wednesday I attended the data management preconference offered by several data management librarians I’ve enjoyed interacting with on Twitter for a while now.… Continue reading ACRL 2015

recent presentations

I am zooming headlong into the fog of library conference season. I’m doubtful that I’ll be anything but on autopilot for the next month and a half, starting this month for ACRL and ending with the LYRASIS eGathering in May. With this in mind I thought I’d share some of the recent talks I’ve given… Continue reading recent presentations

spring 2015 presentations

This spring will be absolutely bananas – and one major contributor to that is my presentation schedule. I’m actually relieved because this is the environment in which I thrive. Give me everything to do and I’ll make it work; anything less and I just get ancy. The next few months will bring a fun mix… Continue reading spring 2015 presentations

DLF 2014

I’ve mentioned in snippets here and there that I got a fellowship that allowed me to attend DLF 2014, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. And I’ve mentioned before that I was – and continue to be – super grateful for it. Last week my official response debuted on the DLF blog; you’ll get a bit of info about my… Continue reading DLF 2014