Job Announcement

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I’m really pleased to share that I have accepted the position of Digital Curation Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Starting in mid-June, I will be responsible for managing UW’s institutional repository and working across the university on data management and digital preservation issues. It is exactly the type of position I dreamed about when […]

Phone Interview Strategies

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[Reblogged from Hack Library School] I recently began the process of applying for jobs. When I found out I was invited for my first phone interview, I was given a lot of fantastic Facebook-solicited advice: shut your (distracting) pet out of the room, ask “Did that answer your question?” after answering a question, dress like […]

2014 Already?

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Like many people out there I can’t quite believe it’s 2014. I’m still typing (then quickly deleting) 2013 almost every day when adding the date to anything. But somehow we’ve crossed the threshold and it’s here: the year I graduate from my LIS program and get a job. Last week was the first week of […]

Free Tools to Visualize Your Data

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[Reblogged from the IU Scholarly Communication blog] Data visualization has grown in popularity as datasets have become larger and tools have become more user-friendly. This area is eagerly being explored by researchers in a variety of disciplines. Although many people think of numbers when they consider types of data, data comes in many forms–including text! In […]

LITA Forum 2013

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On November 7-10 I attended the LITA Forum in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is just under two hours away from Bloomington and I was lucky to be able to carpool with my conference buddy Annie. Overall, LITA had a very welcoming atmosphere. The conference was only a few hundred people, so it felt very much like […]

Data Visualization and Management: The Basics

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Our October 25 workshop, “Data Management and Visualization: The Basics” went wonderfully! You can access some of the workshop materials here if you want to get your hands on them now, although Stacy, Ted, and I plan to clean them up and release a version with more detailed instructions for other libraries that may want […]

Q & A, part 1

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I’ve been lucky to be able to correspond with several readers over the past few years that I’ve been blogging. Just this past month alone, I’ve communicated with prospective LIS students in person, through Skype, and quite a few via email. I get similar questions, so today I thought I’d share my answers to them […]

DIL Symposium / Data Visualization & Management Workshop

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On September 23-25 I attended the Data Information Literacy Symposium at Purdue University with the IU Science Data Management Librarian (and my boss!), Stacy Konkiel. Not only was it nice to see Purdue University for the first time and visit my friend Ilana, the symposium was absolutely fantastic. I’m quite indebted to Stacy for forwarding me the […]

Library Technology & a Liberal Arts Degree

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One of my biggest problems is that I have a hard time letting myself fail, struggle, and learn the hard stuff. I am working on this. Let me explain. Data is a new thing in my life. If you had asked me three years ago what type of librarianship I wanted to pursue, data services […]

Fake Graduation

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Fake graduation. That’s kind of how I feel about this spring. I’d been planning the onslaught of conferences for at least a year prior. The juggling it took to execute my presentations, get straight As (grades aren’t a concern; that just happened), and keep all my jobs was intense. I told myself, Just get through […]