my new workshop series: digital scholarship topics for early career researchers


I am leading a workshop series this semester! It’s sort of an unexpected development. After I gave my scholarly communication talk I got rather fired up. I had this jolt. Why am I talking about this need and not doing anything about it. It was an eerie moment of responsibility. You see the need. You’re not being asked to do anything about the need. Often, the need is not recognized or valued by others around you.  By addressing the need, you’re veering slightly off the path that has been ascribed to you (even though, true, it’s a vague path). You are committing yourself basically to working nights and weekends to make it happen in the way it needs to happen… to not only creating the content and creating the buzz to get people in the door but also to unearthing historic rivalries, the politics of not fitting anywhere, and to ultimately making it happen through whatever charm and perseverance you can muster. None of that changes the fact that you see the need, though. So here I am! Testing some approaches out this semester and seeing what will stick. I’ve got one workshop down, three more to go.

Sidenote: I have been getting a fair number of questions about graphic design lately. I use the free version of Canva to design my posters. This guy was created late one night when inspiration struck. I plan to write a post sometime soon on this topic!


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