summer in wisconsin

Oh golly. I just logged in to my blog and realized that I had this draft post waiting for a loooong time. Too long.

I haven’t been myself these past six months, if we’re being truthful. There have been a series of hard transitions that have made me feel like the bottom has dropped out of my life. Like I am rudderless. They’ve mainly been changes in my personal life, not professional, though of course there are aftereffects. I didn’t anticipate it being this tough. I have been hiding. I have not been thriving. And honestly I don’t know how to get back to a place where I feel okay.

I think 2015 is the year to rediscover my path. To pay off my student loans and figure out how I really want to spend my time. To dig deeper into my job and find new hobbies and opportunities. To recognize that my past does not need to be so entwined with my future.

For now, here is a glut of photos from my summer in Madison, meant to be shared months ago. I hope they’ll give you a happy little glimpse into this amazing place.


IMG_4993 IMG_5016IMG_4485IMG_4565 IMG_5165 IMG_5758IMG_5887IMG_5915IMG_5918IMG_5966
IMG_5973 IMG_6025 IMG_6038 IMG_6212 IMG_6215 IMG_6594 IMG_6637 IMG_6669

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