#ftpart at uw-madison


All summer I kept running across this amazing street art on the UW campus. You can see additional images by checking out #ftpart on Twitter.

I don’t know who the artist is but I’m hoping to archive these somehow. Spectacular.

IMG_6290 IMG_5175IMG_6220 IMG_5911 IMG_6207 IMG_6213 IMG_6218  IMG_6055 IMG_5759 IMG_6538 IMG_6539 IMG_6542 IMG_6544

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      1. Nope, not a one. The hashtag #FTPART is new though — at least, newish, like the past 6 months? I would notice the crown a lot more first, and a lot of the art was more playful. It slowly started becoming more political and intense, and then the hashtag was added. I haven’t noticed as many new ones lately either.

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