#HLSDITL – Monday

OMG! I’m the most awful Library Student Day in the Life organizer ever. I didn’t post anything yesterday and hardly tweeted. Here’s a brief overview of my Monday.

9:30-12:15: Information Architecture. We are working on a semester-long project to reimagine the information architecture for a particular website. I’ve chosen the labyrinthine Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Center website, which I used frequently throughout the library reorg process. Today we turned in our scope and strategy documents, which include things like functional specifications, personas, and a content audit (a painstaking process!).

12:30-5: Working for the Avalon Media System. We are inching closer to R1 but it isn’t here yet so I am mainly pulling together info needed for the release and adding additional blogs/websites where we can push content.

5:40-7: Meet with a fellow SLIS student to discuss her interest being an SAA-SC officer for the next school year, plus other SLIS strategizing. She buys my coffee and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

7-10: Grab a bagel and plant myself in the Information Commons. I work on my homework for Systems Analysis and Design, a class I find very valuable though the current assignment wears on me because, drumroll please, we have to create models. Shudder!

I am a list-maker. I make hastily scrawled, scrambled, meandering lists, I refine those into useful lists, and then I check off my tasks. Simple. I am very much a linear thinker with zero spatial analysis skills so all the bubbles, lines, arrows… I don’t get it. I look at the models in my textbooks and they look messy and bewildering to me, distracting enough to distort the actual content. I understand the value for some people, and I’m still open to the idea that a good model might be beneficial… but I’m not sold quite yet.

I hand draw the models for my homework assignment. I’m not exactly proud that I did not do some fancy thing in Gliffy or Creately; I would love to be able to say that I came up with something flawless and professional looking, but, eh, that’s not the case. Could I have? Yes. Would it have taken me way more time than it was worth? In my opinion, also yes.

The truth is that every day I have to reprioritize. I don’t think I can have it all and for my time at SLIS I have always been willing to let my schoolwork take the fall rather than let my jobs suffer. I made that decision a long time ago and it is the right one for me. I accept docked points. I accept an A- or B+. And you know what? My grades are fine. I just can’t commit an excess of time to homework that’s only maybe tangentially related to anything I might someday do; it doesn’t make the cut when I do a cost-benefit analysis. I see so many students obsessed with straight As, pouring so much time into homework, not working at all, and I can’t help but feel that they’re missing the point.

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