Spring Semester So Far

Lately I’ve been feeling a creeping sense of blogger’s guilt; I haven’t been posting here as often as I’d like. I’ve been reading and socializing and trying to keep my many lists from lengthening… it’s all been a blur, so much so that I can’t quite believe it’s February already.

I’m still wading into my spring semester classes. I am taking Collection Development, Digital Humanities and Information Architecture for the Web this semester. I feel appreciative that my professors are all excellent because that certainly isn’t a given. Collection Development is required for those on the MLS track, so it’s a giant class divided into a large lecture and smaller discussion group. Digital Humanities seems to be theory-based so far, though we’ll be working on some TEI exercises. My classmates all have very different experience levels: some have PhDs already and have been working with DH projects for years, some have the tech experience without the humanities know-how, others still have the humanities knowledge without an understanding of how to create something on the web. We’re a mixed bag, that’s for sure.

As for my Information Architecture for the Web class, I LOVE it. It’s exactly the sort of class that I feel less disgruntled to hand over $3,000-something for, because it is REAL. We actually build, create, make. There are practical expectations for us plus the help we need to fulfill them, a hands-on class with enough of a theoretical framework to really prop us up. For my final project, I will be redesigning the Brown County Public Library‘s website over the course of the semester.

I’m happy to report that I have two new jobs! These are very recent additions to my burgeoning schedule… I just got them at the end of last week! For the first job, I’ll be working at the Kinsey Institute Archives doing digitization and metadata–can you say dream job?! I feel over the moon. I never thought during my undergrad Human Sexuality class that I’d ever be near the Kinsey Institute, let alone working for it! They’ve created a brand-new digitization lab and I’ll be getting trained by someone from IU’s Digital Library Program tomorrow. As for the other job, I will be working for SLIS in our Career Services office. I’ll start my training in March for the duration of the spring semester before going to 6 hours a week this summer and beyond. The SLIS position carries some tuition remission with it, so I feel lucky to have gotten it. I’m ruthless in my goal-oriented nature and I’m looking forward to passing along SLIS/career-related advice I’ve come across. The position combines all the aspects of communication, libraries and document design that I so rabidly enjoy :)

Because of these new jobs, I won’t be volunteering at the Black Film Center/Archive anymore. For the past month I’ve been helping clean up databases and convert DV tapes to DVDs, but the timing is actually quite good for me to stop because my supervisor is moving back to Madison, WI (nice!) for her new job. They’ll have enough of a transition to deal with without a volunteer lingering around. Additionally, because I’ll have more than enough on my plate this summer already, I turned down an interview for an Archives Assistant position at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. I’ll be sticking around B-town for the summer.

In other news, I am excited to announce that three of my dearest SLIS friends and I will be doing a panel presentation at the annual Society of Indiana Archivists meeting in late April. We’ll be talking about outreach initiatives that we have each worked on as employees of various archives and special collections at IU. It will be my very first library conference presentation and I’m so glad it will be with Sarah, Valerie and Taylor.

I know this post is just a regurgitation of things that have been happening in my life as of late–I’m sorry! That’s probably annoying. But alas, it’s all I’ve got today. Philosophizing or rhapsodizing or any sort of seriousness just isn’t going to happen.

What’s new in your world, readers?


  1. Ugh, I just accidentally deleted my comment. ANNNNNNYWAY, thank you for posting this! I’m beginning to get my library school acceptances, so posts about students’ lives are fascinating to me right now. I’m thinking of doing archiving, so it’s great to see the student positions you’re being offered. Congrats on the awesome Kinsey Institute position!

  2. Thanks! & as I recall, last year when I was getting my library school acceptances I was a nervous wreck of uncertainty/delight. How are you holding up? What programs did you apply to?

  3. I keep goofing up my comments here! I thought I posted yesterday, but I guess not…

    I’ve been accepted by UNC and Texas, my top two choices! I’m waiting to hear from UCLA and Illinois, but I’m pretty sure I won’t go to either of them. Texas wants my decision within 30 days, so I’m beginning to freak out just a tiny bit. Big life decision time!

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