Exciting News!

I met with Rachel Slough, Murphy Library’s new E-learning librarian, this past week to talk about working together on some library-related projects next semester. She wants to help me get experience with instruction, collection development, and creating a website using basic HMTL format, among other things. I cannot wait. As much as Special Collections is my first love, I’m excited to branch out and get to know how things go on the other side of Murphy. Plus Rachel is incredibly fun and kind; she just graduated from Indiana University last May, so she is a great asset to have as far as being able to attest to what being a library school student is REALLY like. I will be meeting with Rachel and Galadriel Chilton, another librarian in Murphy, next week to talk about IU in particular.

The exciting news I alluded to in this blog title was that I am now an “official” blogger for Murphy Library. Yes, that’s right, this little blog here is getting some legitimacy :) ┬áRachel has asked me to come on board and blog about things regarding Murphy Library a few times a month, and it has been arranged that I will continue to post to this blog. It is certainly nice to have the freedom to combine both my personal library-related ramblings and curiosities along with blog posts that relate to Murphy. I am taking this on as a challenge to get to know Murphy even better than I know it now…which isn’t terribly well. I spend my library time sequestered in Special, so I can’t wait to document my exploration of “the other side” here.

On an unrelated note, I took a road trip last week to Washington, DC, to see the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30th. It was quite the trip – the car broke down twice in Ohio, leaving us stranded in Holiday City, population 47. No, I’m not kidding. Luckily my aunts lived an hour away and were kind enough not only to come pick us up but to allow us to take their vehicle to DC. Generous, right? So I was able to see my love Stephen Colbert in person, and afterward as my friend and I lingered I saw this lady:

Arianna Huffington! And yes, her accent was as delightful in person as it is on TV :) I was dressed as the Queen of Stephen’s Heart, in case you were wondering.

While in DC, I gazed at the National Archives and the Library of Congress and everything was so ornate and alive… I fell a little bit in love with DC. Georgetown, the metro, the Mall, all of it. Maybe I will end up there someday! A girl can dream.

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